Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Properties > Material Orientation > Material Orientations Dialog Box > Create a Material Orientation > Material Orientation Definition Dialog Box > To Create a Material Orientation for Surfaces
To Create a Material Orientation for Surfaces
1. Click New on the Material Orientations dialog box to open the Material Orientation Definition dialog box.
2. Type a name in the Name area or accept the default.
3. Type an optional description for the material orientation in the Description area.
4. Select Surface from the Type drop-down list.
5. Select a reference from the Relative To drop-down list to define the principal material direction:
Coordinate System
First Parametric Direction
Second Parametric Direction
Projected Vector in WCS
* In FEM mode, only Coordinate System is available.
6. Select the Rotate about... check box to specify additional rotations about one or more material directions. This check box is not available in FEM mode.
7. Select one or more references to preview the material orientation. The selections appear in the Preview References collector.
8. Click Preview to view the material orientation directions on the geometrical reference.
9. Click OK.