Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Thermal Boundary Conditions > Prescribed Temperatures > Spatially Varying Temperatures > Interpolated Over Entity > Interpolated Over Entity
Interpolated Over Entity
Use this option to vary a prescribed temperature linearly, quadratically, or cubically along the entity you selected and edge, curve or surface. You can use this option only if you selected a single entity for prescribed temperature. This option is not available for intent surfaces and curves and edges or boundaries.
This option is available when no entity is selected or when only one entity is selected. As soon as you select more than one entity this option is disabled.
* You cannot define an interpolation for a 3D solid.
When you select Interpolated Over Entity, the Define button appears on the dialog box. When you select this button, the Interpolation Over Entity dialog box opens, which enables you to:
add a new interpolation
review or remove an existing interpolation
The interpolation you create is associated with the prescribed temperature and the entity.
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