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To Define a Prescribed Temperature
1. Click Home > Prescribed Temperature. The Prescribed Temperature dialog box opens.
2. Enter a descriptive name, or accept the default name.
3. Select the desired boundary condition set from the Member of Set drop-down list.
4. If you want to create a new boundary condition set, click New to display the BC Set Definition dialog box. Enter a name and optional description for a new constraint set. Select units for prescribed temperature from the drop-down list or accept the default units.
5. If you did not select geometric entities as references before you opened the BC Set Definition dialog box, select one of these References from the list:
6. Select reference entities on the model. The References collector displays your selections.
7. If you want to define how the temperature varies across the geometry, click the Advanced button and select one of the options from the Spatial Variation drop-down list.
8. Enter the prescribed temperature in the Value area.
You can enter real numbers, use an expression, or enter a parameter name. Be sure the system of units you are working in is consistent with the one that you used to define the current model.
9. Click Preview to see a graphical representation of the prescribed temperature on your mode.
10. Click OK to accept your definition and close the dialog box.
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