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To Specify a Mode and Model Type
For this procedure you need to have already specified a product, mode, and model type, but want to change your original specification. In this case, you need to open the Model Type dialog box and edit your specification as indicated in the procedure.
If, instead, you are beginning work on a new model or are working with a model you have not yet saved in Creo Simulate, the software automatically displays the Model Type dialog box on entering Creo Simulate. In this case, simply skip step 1 of the following procedure.
1. Click Home > Model Setup. The Model Setup dialog box opens.
2. If you want to work with your model in FEM mode, ensure that the FEM Mode check box is selected.
3. If you are working in native mode and you want to choose a model type other than the default of 3D or you want to convert a 2D model to a 3D model, click the Advanced button and select the appropriate model type.
If you select a 2D model type, see To Define 2D Model Types for additional details and procedures.