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AutoGEM Settings Dialog Box
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to AutoGEM. Click Settings. The AutoGEM Settings dialog box opens. The default settings that Creo Simulate displays when you first open the AutoGEM Settings dialog box, are optimized to give a superior mesh in most cases. However, AutoGEM may not be able to mesh all models using these defaults. If your model fails to mesh, one approach to remedying the problem is to change the AutoGEM settings or simply alter the values on the Limits tab. For more information about diagnosing element problems, see Diagnose AutoGEM Problems.
The dialog box displays these areas and tabs:
Isolation for shells and 2D solids—Determines the list of entities that AutoGEM can detect and isolate using mesh refinement.
Settings tab—Enables you to control various characteristics of element creation, such as element type and aspect ratio.
Limits tab—Enables you to set limits on AutoGEM when it is creating and editing elements.
When you save your model, Creo Simulate saves the AutoGEM settings with the model. These settings then become the current settings when you reopen the model.