Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Meshes > Native Mode Meshes > Creating an AutoGEM Mesh > AutoGEM File Menu
AutoGEM File Menu
The File menu on the AutoGEM dialog box contains these commands:
Load Mesh—Load the elements. This command is accessible when your model's mesh file is present in the current directory.
Copy Mesh from Study—Copy a mesh from an existing design study directory. When you select this option, a Design Study Selection dialog box opens, from which you can select a study that you want to use.
Save Mesh—Save your mesh. Creo Simulate assigns a name of model.mmp to a mesh file of a part and to an assembly mesh file. The files reside in the current directory. If you are working with family tables or have simplified representations of your model, see the guidelines that Creo Simulate follows when naming your mesh files.
Close—Close the dialog box. If you have not saved the mesh with the Save Mesh command, the software asks whether you want to save your mesh now.
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