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Hard Curves
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Hard Curve. The Hard Curve Control dialog box opens. Use this option to select curves on the model to guide the mesh creation process. These options allow you to influence the mesh that AutoGEM creates by adding sketched curves that force the addition of more elements during meshing.
Specify the following information on the Hard Curve Control dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the AutoGEM control or use the default name.
References Select a curve or an intent chain of curves that the mesh generator can use to place element nodes and edges. You can select valid geometry before or after opening the AutoGEM Control dialog box. The References collector displays your selection.
You can select all types of curves, including composite curves as hard curves.
* Although you can create AutoGEM controls by selecting curves that do not lie on the model geometry, Creo Simulate ignores these controls during meshing.
Creo Simulate labels the selected curves as Hard Curve on the model.
When you open models created in Wildfire 4.0 and other previous versions of Creo Simulate with the “Use Datum Curve” option selected, Creo Simulate creates a hard curve AutoGEM control using all the datum curves in the model as references.
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