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Thin Solid
Use the Thin Solid option on the AutoGEM Control to select regions in your model to mesh with brick and wedge type elements (see example). This mesh control is useful for models with thin uniform cross sections such as sheet-metal parts.
To create a thin solid select pair of opposing surfaces those are almost parallel to each other. With this type of control, brick and wedge type elements are created during meshing of the model. The number of elements created with Thin Solid control is less than that created using any other AutoGEM control type. The Thin Solid control is available only in native mode.
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Thin Solid. The Thin Solid Control dialog box opens.
Specify the following information on the Thin Solid Control dialog box:
Name—Specify the name of the AutoGEM control or use the default name.
Properties—Define thin solid properties.
Split Surfaces—This check box is selected to automatically split the opposing surfaces if required to form one-one surface pairs.
References—Select top and bottom surfaces on the same volume or part. The first surface you select is the top surface. Selected surfaces are displayed in the collector.
Auto Select Opposing Surfaces—Retain the default selection of this check box to automatically select the opposing surfaces of a thin solid. If the Split Surfaces check box is selected, all the opposing surfaces are automatically added to the opposing collector. You can only select a set of surfaces that are valid for creating a thin solid region.
* You can convert a thin solid mesh control to a shell pair and vice versa using the right mouse button option on the Model Tree if both satisfy their respective validation checks.
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