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Minimum Edge Length
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Minimum Edge Length. The Minimum Edge Length Control dialog box opens. Use this control to ensure that AutoGEM ignores the edges and datum curves with lengths smaller than or equal to the length you specify. If you are working with an assembly, you must define the minimum edge length control at the top assembly level. The edge length you specify is globally valid for the model. When it meshes your assembly, Creo Simulate disregards any Minimum Edge Length controls that you assigned at the part or component level.
Specify the following information on the Minimum Edge Length Control dialog box:
Name—Specify the name for the AutoGEM control or use the default name.
Edge Length—Specify the edge length. AutoGEM ignores edges and datum curves with lengths smaller than or equal to the length you specify. You can specify the value for Edge Length as an absolute value by entering a number and selecting a unit of length from the adjacent drop-down list. Alternatively select % of Model from the drop-down list of units to specify the minimum edge length as a percent of the longest edge of a bounding box that surrounds the model. For example, if you specify 10% as the minimum edge length and the longest edge in the model bounding box is 5 m, Creo Simulate ignores all the edges with length less than 0.5 m.
* The value that you specify for edge length serves as a target that AutoGEM tries to reach. It acts as a guideline for element creation but may not be reached exactly.
* Creo Simulate does not ignore the edges or curves with lengths less than the specified Minimum Edge Length if the edges or curves are referenced by a load, constraint, or a beam.
To Keep:—Retain the selected edges or curves in the model even if edges or curves are shorter than the edge length you have specified. This is optional.
After you define the Minimum Edge Length control, you can use the Preview button to verify that you have correctly selected the edges/curves you want AutoGEM to retain and to see which edges or curves it will ignore during meshing. Creo Simulate indicates this by highlighting the edges or curves you have chosen to retain and marking the edges or curves that are less than or equal to the Edge Length value with purple circles.
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