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Edge Length By Curvature Control
Click Refine Model and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Edge Length By Curvature. The Edge Length By Curvature Control dialog box opens. Use this control to create relatively smaller elements adjacent to curved surfaces.
Specify a value that is the ratio of the expected edge length of elements to the radius of a concave surface to create a dense element mesh adjacent to areas such as curves, fillets, and holes that are likely to have high stress, in an otherwise simple model. For example, if your model has a concave boundary surface with a radius of 5 units, specify a ratio of 2 to obtain element edges of lengths not greater than 10 units and adjacent to the concave boundary surface.
Use the sim_agem_edge_by_crv_default configuration option to change the default value of this ratio.
For an assembly, you must define Edge Length By Curvature for the top assembly and this definition is globally valid for the assembly. When it meshes the assembly, Creo Simulate disregards any other mesh controls that you had previously assigned to the parts or components.
* You can use the sim_agem_edge_crv configuration option to automatically apply the edge length by curvature control to the whole model.
Specify the following information on the Edge Length By Curvature Control dialog box:
Name—Specify the name for the AutoGEM control or use the default name.
References—Specify one of the following reference types and select the appropriate geometry. If you have selected valid geometric references before entering the dialog box, your selections appear in the collector when the dialog box opens. Otherwise, select one of the following:
Surfaces—Individual, boundary or intent surfaces.
Components—In part mode the part is selected. In assembly mode you can select a component part to which you want to apply the Edge Length By Curvature control.
Properties—Specify the following properties:
Edge Length / Radius of Curvature ratio—Specify the ratio as a positive, real number. This is a parameter capable field. You can specify a parameter instead of a positive, real number.
Ignore Radius of Curvature below—Select this check box to ignore curves with a radius of curvature that is lower than a specified value. Select units of length from the adjacent list to express radius of curvature in length or select % of Model to express radius of curvature as a percentage of the model length. This is a parameter capable field. You can specify a parameter instead of a positive, real number.
* Creo Simulate measures the diagonal length of the bounding box around the model in Cartesian space to determine the model size.
* Edge Length by Curvature is available only for 3D models and meshing volumes.
Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on surface sets.
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