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Selecting Singularities for IEAC
Creo Simulate allows you to identify and group the singularities in the model for the Isolate for Exclusion AutoGEM Control (IEAC). You can create single or multiple IEACs in a model by grouping different types of singularities. You can optionally exclude specific types of singularities in a model by selecting single or multiple IEACs for analysis.
Select the Isolate for Exclusion option in the AutoGEM Control dialog box to display the Preselect Singularities option and its corresponding dialog box. Using this dialog box, you can simultaneously select various types of singularities in the model.
The Preselect Singularities dialog box displays the following types of singularities in Structure and Thermal mode.
Reentrant corners less than the specified angle
Reentrant corners less than the specified angle
Point Loads (default)
Point Heat Loads (default)
Point Constraints (default)
Point Prescribed Temperatures (default)
Edge Loads
Point Convection Conditions
Edge Constraints
Edge Heat Loads
Edge Prescribed Temperatures
Edge Convection Conditions
Creo Simulate measures the angle of reentrant corner edges at 5 sampling points along each edge. The corner is considered reentrant if the minimum angle sampled is less than the specified value. You can specify the value using the configuration option, sim_reentrant_geom_angle. You can set any value between 1 to 359 degree for the minimum angle.
Note that a reentrant edge may become a reentrant vertex after shell compression. If a user selects an edge to be isolated that becomes a vertex after shell compression, AutoGEM isolates the vertex.
Based on your selection, Creo Simulate identifies all the singularities of the specified types in the model and populates the selection container on the IEAC AutoGEM Control dialog box.
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