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Isolating Elements for IEAC
Creo Simulate allows you to refine the mesh by isolating elements adjacent to singularities in the model. After a valid mesh is created, the IEAC mesh control information is used to perform further mesh refinement. The IEAC mesh control is also used to keep element optimization from coarsening the mesh too much after the initial valid mesh is constructed. You can refine the mesh by specifying the size of the elements adjacent to the isolation points according to the requirement of the model analysis.
In the case of shell models, the mesh can be further refined by controlling the number of elements near the singularities using the Automatic or Maximum Element Sizeoptions on the Isolation for Shells area on the IEAC AutoGEM Control dialog box.
For solid models, you can refine the mesh near the singularities by controlling the size of elements using the Maximum Element Size option on the Isolation for Solids area on the IEAC AutoGEM Control dialog box.
For 2D models, only a single type of isolation is available. For plane stress models, only the Isolation for Shells area is available. For plane strain and axisymmetric models, only the Isolation for Solids area is available.
You can control the number of elements to be created around the singularity using the following options:
None—Specifies that the IEAC has no impact on the generated mesh.
Automatic—Allows Creo Simulate to automatically refine the shell mesh adjacent to singularities.
Note that the Automatic option is not valid for solid models.
Maximum Element Size—Specifies the maximum element size, either as a length, or as a percentage of the model size. Creo Simulate tries to create elements that are smaller than or equal to the length you specify. You can specify the value as an absolute value by entering a number and ensuring that the % check box is Off. Alternatively, you can use the % check box to specify the maximum element size as a percentage of the model size.
* Creo Simulate measures the diagonal length of the bounding box around the model in Cartesian space to determine the model size.
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