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Bonding Elements
Bonding elements are special elements used to link the parts in an assembly. When you use a shell pair as idealization in an assembly model, Creo Simulate creates Bonding Elements by default to link parts in an assembly during AutoGEM meshing. If you do not want to create bonding elements during AutoGEM meshing, clear the Create bonding elements check box on the Settings tab of the AutoGEM Settings dialog box.
If the two parts in the assembly are assigned different material properties or temperature distributions then two bonding elements are created between the two components. Each of the bonding elements inherits the material properties and temperature distribution of its corresponding parent component
When you create bonding elements in an assembly model, the accuracy of the model increases. Use bonding elements in the model to reduce the memory required to store the model and the time required to run an analysis.
You can view the Bonding Elements in an assembly model in the result window. Select the Show Bonding Elements check box on the Display Options tab of the Result Window Definition dialog box. Creo Simulate displays the bonding elements in gray.
To know more about how Creo Simulate displays the bonding elements in the Result window, see Guidelines for Bonding Elements and Example: Bonding Elements.
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