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Parameter-Based Measure Basics
When defining parameter-based measures, keep the following points in mind:
Parameter-based measures can only reference dependent Creo Parametric parameters. Thus, when defining this type of measure, be sure to select only those Creo Parametric parameters that you created as relations. Selecting any other type of Creo Parametric parameter will result in problems during your design studies.
Parameter-based measures do not provide any time or frequency evaluation capabilities.
Creo Simulate calculates parameter-based measures for all analysis types.
As with other Creo Simulate measures, parameter-based measures are scalar—they do not provide explicit vector data.
Creo Simulate limits measure names to 16 characters. You can use alphanumeric characters and underbars only. Names must always start with alphabetic characters.
Because Creo Simulate uses the Creo Parametric parameter name as the measure name, always observe these naming conventions when creating parameters that you plan to use as measures. If your Creo Parametric parameter name is too long, Creo Simulate will truncate it.
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