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Computed Measure
Use a computed measure to measure values that cannot be calculated through other user-defined measures. You can define this measure as a function that references any other user-defined, noncomputed measure or measures already present in the model.
After you select Computed Measure, you can enter an algebraic expression directly in the Expression entry box on the Measure Definition dialog box. You can also click the Available Function Components button to access the Symbolic Options dialog box, which you use to build your expression. The Symbolic Options dialog box contains the following:
Variables—Display all previously defined measures. Use these measures as independent variables for the function you are defining.
Note that any independent variable measures you select for the expression should be of the same evaluation type. For example, if one measure is At Each Step, all other measures you select should also be At Each Step measures. Additionally, if you later delete a measure that you are using as a variable, Creo Simulate will also delete the computed measure without warning you.
Constants, Operations, Functions—Display various types of symbols you can use in the expression. If you are creating a computed measure for use in a dynamic analysis, you should be sure that you combine the functions in a linear fashion.
If you click the independent variable in the Variables box and any symbols in their respective boxes, Creo Simulate places them in the Expression entry box.
When creating computed measures, always be sure that the expression you create makes sense from a functional point of view. Creo Simulate does not check the validity of the expression you create if you, therefore, create an expression that does not make sense—von Mises stress + displacement magnitude, for example—your results for the computed measure will be meaningless.
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