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Measures and Output
Typically, measure data is available in the summary file. However, the summary file does not include values for measures that Creo Simulate calculates at each step of a dynamic analysis.
In addition, Creo Simulate provides specialized forms of measure output for the various design study types. The following table summarizes the various outputs available for each study type:
Design Study Type
Output for Measures
standard design study that runs an analysis using the multi-pass convergence method
convergence graph of a measure's value at each polynomial pass for a static, buckling, prestress, modal, or steady-state thermal analysis
standard design study that runs one of the Vibration analyses or a transient thermal analysis
graph of a measure's value at each time or frequency interval for dynamic time, frequency, transient thermal, and random analyses
standard design study that runs a large deformation analysis or a contact analysis
graph of each measure's value at each load interval
optimization design study
graph of a measure's value at each step
local or global sensitivity study
graph of a measure's value at different settings of a parameter
standard or optimization design study
a value for each valid measure for each analysis
The types of results listed above are not available for result quantities other than measures. For other result quantities, you can query values at specific locations or view fringe, contour, and vector displays.
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