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Driven Parameter
Use Driven Parameter to tie a measure to a Creo Parametric parameter. The parameters you use for Creo Simulate measures must be dependent parameters. Defining parameter-based measures enables you to use Creo Parametric parameters as goals or limits for optimization studies and to obtain study results for a parameter.
You can use parameter-based measures to:
Obtain analysis and study results specific to a Creo Parametric parameter—You can use parameter-based measures to obtain analysis and study results specific to a given parameter.
Obtain analysis and study results for a specialized Creo Parametric quantity—Creo Parametric computes certain values that fall outside the realm of Creo Simulate.
Set up optimization limits—You can use a parameter-based measure as the limit for an optimization study. You use this functionality when you want to run an optimization based on a regeneration analysis or want to define a limit not normally available through Creo Simulate, such as a dimensional limit.
Set up parameters for use with regeneration analyses—A regeneration analysis is a predefined analysis that regenerates your Creo Parametric part. Regeneration analyses do not utilize several of Creo Simulate's more resource-intensive functions. This type of analysis, therefore provides very rapid results.
For more information on parameter-based measures, see Example: Using Parameter-Based Measures.
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