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Selecting One or More Measures
Use the Measures dialog box to select measures for your analysis, design study, or a results window. You can also review measures from the same dialog box, but you cannot edit them.
The Measures dialog box opens when you are defining the following:
Analyses—This dialog box opens if you select Measures for convergence in an analysis and then use the Measure button on the Analysis Definition dialog box. See Convergence Quantity for Static, Prestress Static, Large Deformation, and Contact Analyses for more information.
Design Studies—This dialog box opens when you select a goal and limits for an optimization study.
Results Window—This dialog box opens when you select Measure as the quantity when defining a result window. See Measure Results Quantity for more information.
The two columns of the dialog box list the predefined measures relevant for the current analysis type and all user-defined measures valid for the current product. Select one or more measures or, if you are defining a result window, select one measure. Click the Review button if you want to evaluate the selected measure.
After you select measures from either or both columns, click OK to close the dialog box.
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