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Component—Stress and Strain Quantities
If you choose Stress or Strain as the measure quantity, you can select from a variety of components. These components fall into three categories—derived, normal/shear, and beam.
Creo Simulate provides the following derived stresses and strains: von Mises, max shear (Tresca), maximum principal, minimum principal, and maximum absolute principal.
For normal and shear stresses and strains, Creo Simulate provides the three normal stress and strain directions as well as the three shear stress or strain directions. These directions are relative to the current coordinate system.
* The shear strain quantities are those of engineering strain which is two times the tensorial strain.
* gxy= 2exy
* where gxy is shear strain
* and exy is tensorial strain
Creo Simulate provides the following beam measures: beam bending, beam tensile, beam torsion, and beam total. Beam total is a combined measure that reports both beam bending and beam tensile stress or strain.
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