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To Define a Driven Parameter Measure
This procedure assumes you selected the Driven Parameter quantity on the Measure Definition dialog box and have already created a Creo Parametric parameter. Perform these steps to tie a measure to a dependent parameter.
1. Click the arrow button. The Select Parameter dialog box opens.
2. Select a parameter from the list.
Be sure the parameter value can vary.Creo Simulate does not check Creo Parametric parameters to determine which ones are dependent. Rather, the software displays all Creo Parametric parameters defined as relations or defined with Real Number as the Type.
3. Click Accept to close the Select Parameter dialog box. Creo Simulate returns you to the Measure Definition dialog box. Creo Simulate changes the measure name so that it is identical to the Creo Parametric parameter name.
4. Review the list box at the bottom of the dialog box to determine which types of analyses are valid for the measure.
5. Click OK. Each of the custom measures shows up on the Measures dialog box.