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Parameter-Based Measures—Parameters
Create three Creo Parametric parameters for the model—one each for d0, d1, and d2. You name these parameters radius, width, and length. Notice that you do not create a parameter for the thickness of the blade, d3.
Now, you create an optimization study whose goal is to minimize the mass measure while observing a limit on the bladesurf measure to keep it above 25 square inches. During the study, you allow Creo Simulate to vary the radius, width, and length design variables in an effort to reduce the blade mass, and therefore, material cost.
Because this study relies exclusively on parameter-based measures, Creo Simulate runs a regeneration analysis for the optimization. As a result, your study will run very quickly and give you a good idea of your best initial design from a geometric perspective. You can then work with other types of measures, analyses, and studies to determine how your model behaves under the loads, constraints, and other conditions you define.
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