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Parameter-Based Measures—Limit
Use a parameter-based measure for surface area. To set up this parameter, you create a Creo Parametric driven parameter that measures the area of the top surface of your fan blade. Do this by creating a feature from an analysis measure that evaluates the surface area, and then create a relation based on the feature. The relation can be accessed in Creo Simulate as a Creo Parametric driven parameter.
To create a feature, click Home > Measure. On the Measure dialog box select Area under Type and Surface under Definition, and select a surface on your model. Creo Parametric displays the value of the area. Define the measure as a feature by clicking the Add Feature button, and name this feature topsurf. For more information on analysis measures, search the Fundamentals functional area in the Creo Parametric Help system.
To create a relation, click Tools > Relations. On the Relations dialog box, select Feature from the Look in pull-down list and select topsurf from the Model Tree. Select the Insert > From Screen command and, from the resulting dialog box, select Feature from the Look in pull-down menu. Choose topsurf and click the Insert Selected button. Creo Parametric adds the parameter to the text entry area of the Relations dialog box.
Add the name bladesurf to yield the following relation:
After you define this relation, you create a measure in Creo Simulate that references the Creo Parametric parameter bladesurf. By default, Creo Simulate names this measure bladesurf.
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