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Reviewing Resultant Loads
Use Home > Loads > Review Total Load in Structure to review the resultant load at predefined points on your model. Before running an analysis on your model, you may want to perform a check to see if the load values at particular model locations are what you expect them to be.
* For information on reviewing heat loads in Thermal, see Reviewing Total Heat Loads.
You can review resultant loads for the following load types:
force loads
moment loads
bearing loads (native mode only)
pressure loads
If you want to review a resultant load at a particular location, you first need to add datum points. These datum points act as references from which the software evaluates the resultant load for the model, so place the points at locations that will provide significant data. In considering resultant loads, be aware of the following points:
The software calculates the resultant force. It also calculates the resultant moments about the selected datum point. The software displays the components of the resultant force and moment with respect to the unit vectors of the current coordinate system.
You can view the resultant force and moments with respect to the WCS, or you may select another Cartesian coordinate system in the model.
You can examine the effect of one or more loads. Selecting a single load is helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot the values for a particular load. Looking at a combination of loads can be helpful if you are concerned about the actual load that a particular portion of the model will see during a multiload analysis.