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MEC/T Temperature Loads
Click Home > Loads > MEC/T Load in Structure mode to apply a thermal load across the entire model based on a temperature field developed from the results of a steady-state or transient thermal analysis. This temperature load allows you to use the temperatures developed from a previously defined thermal analysis as a thermal load in Structure. MEC/T temperature loads prove valuable if you want to apply a non-uniform temperature change to your model. This option is not available in FEM mode.
For more information, see Guidelines for MEC/T Temperature Loads.
When you click Home > Loads > MEC/T Load , the MEC/T Temperature dialog box opens with the following items:
Name—The name of the load.
Member of Set—The name of the Structure load set. You can select an existing load set from the drop-down list, or create a new set by clicking the New button to display the Load Set Definition dialog box.
Use previous design study—Appears and is selected if you previously defined a standard design study that includes a thermal analysis.
Design Study—Appears only if the Use previous design study check box is selected. If multiple standard design studies exist that include thermal analyses, you can select a design study other than the first standard design study for the model with a thermal analysis.
Analysis—If multiple thermal analyses exist, you can select a thermal analysis other than the first one defined for the design study (if you selected a design study) or the first one defined for the model.
Load Set—Appears only if the MEC/T temperature load is from a steady-state thermal analysis. If multiple load sets exist in the analysis you selected, you can select a load set other than the default (the first one defined for the thermal analysis). If the thermal analysis contains no load sets (for instance, prescribed temperatures only), this option does not appear.
Step—Appears only if the MEC/T temperature load is from a transient thermal analysis or a steady thermal analysis with output time steps defined.
Reference Temperature—Enter the nominal zero strain temperature for the model. The temperature change for the thermal load at a given location on the model is the difference between the Thermal temperature result at the location and the reference temperature.
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