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From and To Fields for Centrifugal Loads
Use these input fields for the Dir Points & Mag option to define the axis of rotation for angular velocity and the direction of the angular acceleration vector, as follows:
The direction of the load vector is from the point specified in the From field to the point specified in the To field.
The instantaneous axis of revolution passes through the points selected to define the axis of rotation of angular velocity.
You fill in these fields by using the selector arrows to choose datum points. If you need to create datum points at a particular location, click Refine Model > Point.
When you use the selector arrow to specify datum points for these fields, the software translates the datum point location into the WCS coordinates of the point you picked, even if a UCS was active when you picked the datum point.
In using the datum point as a reference location, the software disassociates the vector from the defining datum points. This means that if the datum points move during a sensitivity or optimization study, the vector remains unchanged.
For 2D axisymmetric models, you do not fill in these fields, because the axis of rotation is always the WCS Y axis and the angular acceleration vector is always parallel to the WCS Y axis.
For 2D plane strain and 2D plane stress models, you only use the To field. The axis of rotation and angular acceleration vector pass through that axis location and are perpendicular to the WCS XY plane. The software uses the right-hand rule to determine the direction of rotation about the axis and acceleration direction.
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