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To Import Mechanism Loads
This procedure assumes that you are working in Structure. You must have run an analysis in Mechanism Design and created a Mechanism Design load set.
1. Select File > Open and open the component file that contains the Mechanism Design load set.
2. Select Insert > Mechanism Load or click The Mechanism Load Import dialog box appears with a list of the loads you exported from Mechanism Design for the component.
3. Accept the default load set from the Member of Set area, select another existing load set, or use the New button to display the Load Set dialog box and create a new load set.
4. Clear the check box beside any load that you do not want to include in the load set.
5. Check the Clear Load Info After Import box if you do not want to import the load set more than once in the current session.
6. Click OK to create the load set.
7. Highlight each imported load icon and select Edit > Definition to associate the load with a geometric entity, or to change the referenced coordinate system. The various load types take you to different dialog boxes.
For reaction loads on connections, servo motors, force motors, springs, dampers, or external forces or torques, see Force and Moment Loads.
For centrifugal loads, see Centrifugal Loads.
For gravity loads, see Gravity Loads.
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