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To Define Pressure Loads
1. Click Home > Pressure. The Pressure Load dialog box opens.
2. Enter a name for the load, or use the default name.
3. Select an existing load set from the Member of Set area or click New to create a new load set.
4. If you did not select a geometric reference before opening the Pressure Load dialog box, select the entity now. The References collector displays the selected entities.
5. If you selected a quilt surface, check the normal direction of the surface by noting the direction of the purple arrow. If necessary, use the Flip Normals command to change the normal direction.
6. If you want to specify how the load is distributed across the selected geometry, click the Advanced button and select one of the following options from the Spatial Variation drop-down list:
Function Of Coordinates
Interpolated Over Entity
External Coefficients Field (not supported in FEM mode)
Select a UCS by clicking Selected or accept the default WCS in the CSYS area.
Click Preselect Surfaces for automatic preselection of all the surfaces of your model that best match the external coefficient field. Tolerance values specified for Maximum distance and Maximum angle control the preselection. The default values are 0.0012 units and 10, respectively, and are controlled by configuration option. Creo Simulate creates the best possible mapping between the external coefficient field and the preselected surfaces.
At any time, you can select or clear the selection of surfaces manually.
7. Enter a real number, arithmetic expression, or parameter name for the pressure load in the Value field. Select units of pressure from the drop-down list or accept the default units.
8. If you want to display the load that you just defined, click Preview. The software displays a series of arrows representing the load distribution and direction.
If you apply an external load, clicking Preview opens the Load Preview dialog box. Use this dialog box to customize the preview.
9. Click OK. Creo Simulate places the pressure load icon on the selected surfaces.
If the software identifies any problems with the way you defined the load, it displays a message informing you of the situation.
If the software does not encounter any definition problems, it applies the loads that you specified to all the entities you selected. The software also adds a load icon to the geometry you are loading.
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