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To Define Structural Temperature Loads
1. Click Home > Temperature. The Structural Temperature Load dialog box opens.
2. Specify a name for the load, or use the default name.
3. Select an existing load set from the Member of Set area or click New to create a new load set.
4. Select an edge or a curve, a surface, a volume region, or an entire component to which you want to apply the load using the References list. You can make your selection before opening the dialog box in which case the selections are displayed in the References collector when the dialog box opens.
5. Use the Entity Temperature area to select a variation and specify the temperature that you want applied to the model during analysis.
6. Use the Reference Temperature area to specify the stress-free temperature of the model.
7. Click OK.
If there are no definition problems, the load that you specified is added and a structural temperature load icon is added to the geometry, else a warning message is displayed.
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