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To Define MEC/T History Temperature Loads
Before using this procedure, you must be in Structure mode. Also you must have defined a transient thermal analysis in Thermal mode.
1. Click Home > Loads > MEC/T History Load. The MEC/T History Temperature Load dialog box opens.
2. Specify a name for the load or use the default name.
3. To define a new load set, click New to open the Load Set Definition dialog box.
* MEC/T History load must be the only load in its load set.
4. To use the results of an already run design study for the MEC/T history load, select the Use previous design study check box and then select a Design Study from the drop-down list.
5. Select a transient analysis from the Analysis drop-down list.
* If the Use previous design study check box is selected, the analysis is an analysis in the selected study for which results are available. If you cleared this check box, then the analysis is any defined transient analysis in the model that will run before the static analysis that contains the MEC/T History Temperature Load.
6. Specify a real number or expression for the Reference Temperature. Select the temperature units from the adjacent drop-down list.
7. Click OK.
The specified load is added and a MEC/T history load icon appears for the geometry. In case of definition problems, a warning message is appears.
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