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Spring References
You can define the location of a spring on your model by selecting one of the following reference types from the References area on the Spring Definition dialog box:
Point-Point—Create a spring between two points or two vertices.
Point-Surface—Create a spring between a point and a surface, or a vertex and a surface.
Point-Edge—Create a spring between a point and an edge, or a vertex and an edge.
* For the location of the spring-end positioned on the surface/edge, the software selects the spot that is closest to the first point of the spring. If you need to position the spring at a particular place on the surface/edge, use the Point-Point option and create a datum point along the surface/edge.
Point-Point Pairs—Create multiple point-to-point springs with the same characteristics. This option is not available while editing a spring definition.
The points you use for any reference type requiring points can be any of the following:
single point, vertex
point feature (includes one or more single points)
pattern of point features
intent points.
* You cannot select features or patterns of points as references for Point-Point Pairs. Instead, you can select any number of points, or vertices, or both.
The software treats the springs you create from point features or patterns of points as single entities. You cannot specify different properties for different springs created from the same point feature or pattern of point features.