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Extra Tab on Beam Definition Dialog Box
You can use the following items on the Extra tab of the Beam Definition dialog box to include shear and stress information in your beam results. This tab is only active in FEM mode.
Shear Relief—Enter values in this area for the components of the shear relief coefficient in the XY plane and XZ plane. You may want to specify a shear relief coefficient if your beam is tapered and includes thick flanges. In a tapered flanged beam, the flanges support a portion of the transverse shear load, and the shear relief coefficients take this support into consideration. For a beam for which the thicknesses at ends A and B are given by hA and hB, respectively, the shear relief coefficient is given by:
S = 2(hA -hB)/(hA+hB)
Include Stress Recovery—Check this box if you want Creo Simulate to include beam stress recovery points in analyses.
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