Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Idealizations > Shells > Standard Shells > To Define a Simple Shell
To Define a Simple Shell
This procedure assumes that you are working with the Shell Definition dialog box and have selected Simple in the Type area.
1. Select valid references for your shell definition. The selected references are displayed in the References collector.
2. Enter a positive value for the Thickness of the shell in the Properties area.
3. To select an existing Creo Parametric parameter, right-click in Thickness, and select Parameter. The Select Creo Parametric Parameter dialog box opens. You can select an existing parameter, or click Create to define a new one, in the Select Creo Parametric Parameter dialog box.
4. Select a material from the list in the Shell Definition dialog box. If you do not see the material you want, click More to select a material from the library or to define a new one.
5. Click OK to accept the shell definition.