Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Idealizations > Springs > Simple Springs > To Create a Simple Spring
To Create a Simple Spring
1. Click Refine Model > Spring. The Spring Definition dialog box opens.
2. Type a name for the spring, or use the default name.
3. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name to change the color of the icon and the text displayed for the spring.
4. Select Simple as the spring type.
5. If you did not select geometric references before clicking Spring, select model references to specify the locations of the spring's end points. The References collector displays the selections.
6. To create a nonlinear spring with variable stiffness:
a. Select Force-Deflection Curve from the Extensional Force-Deflection Variation list.
b. Click to open the Functions dialog box. Use this dialog box to create a new function or copy, edit, or delete a selected function.
c. Type a nonnegative real number value in the Force Factor box. Select units of force from the adjacent drop-down list.
7. Type a nonnegative real number value in the Torsional Stiffness box. Select the units for the torsional stiffness from the adjacent drop-down list or accept the default unit.
Alternatively, right-click the respective value box, and select Parameter to specify the value as a Creo Parametric parameter.
8. Click OK.