Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Idealizations > Masses > Native Mode > To Add a Mass to a Point
To Add a Mass to a Point
1. Click Refine Model > Mass. The Mass Definition dialog box opens.
2. Specify a descriptive name for your mass, or use the default name provided.
3. Select one of the following from the drop-down list under Type.
Simple (default)
Component At Point (available only for assemblies)
4. Select one of the following from the References area to specify where the location of the mass, and select the appropriate geometric entity on your model. Your selections appear in the References collector.
Single (default)
* For Component At Point as the Type, select a single datum point or vertex as the reference.
5. If you select Simple, specify Distribution and enter a real-number value for the mass. Alternatively right-click the value field, click Parameter and specify the mass as a parameter in the Select Creo Parametric Parameter dialog box.
6. If you select Advanced, specify Distribution and the mass properties, and select a coordinate system.
* If you are working on a 2D model, Creo Simulate uses the coordinate system you specified during the definition of the 2D model as the WCS.
7. If you select Component in the assembly mode, select a part or subassembly to supply the mass value.
8. Select OK to accept your definition or Cancel to close the dialog box without creating the mass.
Return to Mass Definition Dialog Box or Setting a Coordinate System for an Advanced Mass or About Mass Properties.