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Function of Time
Select the Function of Time option in the Temporal Variation drop-down list of the Heat Load dialog box if your applied load is a function of time. You must then specify that function over the time range that the analysis will run.
When you select the Function of Time option, the Heat Load dialog box expands to display the button and entry box in the Temporal Variation area. When you select the Functions dialog box appears. Define the time dependence function for heat load on this dialog box.
* If you have already created a time dependence function, you can use it to define the time dependent heat load. Click to open the Functions dialog box. Select a function from the list of functions.
Time dependence functions for heat load (Q) values are multipliers. When you make a heat load time dependent, its computed value is Q times the time dependence function.
If you have also specified a spatial interpolation, the heat load's computed value is Q times the time dependence function times the spatial interpolation.
There is no default value for the time dependence function.