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Reviewing Analyses
Click Mesh Review > Analyses to open the Review Analyses dialog box.
When you run more than one FEM analyses you can use this dialog box to specify the analysis, load and constraint names, and the load and constraint locations for the mesh information you want to review.
The following items are available on the Review Analyses dialog box:
A drop-down list that displays all the analyses defined for the mesh.
A drop-down list that lists all the load and constraint types defined for the selected load and constraint sets in the analysis. Use this list to select a single load or a constraint type or select all of them.
* A given load type may include multiple loads of a similar category. The same holds true for constraint types.
Once you select a load or a constraint type, select the entity you want to examine in the mesh using the following options:
Select Nodes—Displays the associated load or constraint on the selected elements or nodes in the Nodes/Elements collector. Use the CTRL key to select multiple nodes or elements on the mesh.
Node ID—Displays the associated load and constraint on the specified node ID.
Element ID—Displays the associated load and constraint on the specified element ID.
All Nodes and Elements—Displays all the nodes and elements associated with the loads and constraints.
All Body Loads—Displays gravitational or centrifugal loads in the mesh for a selected analysis, in case these loads are defined.
Click Show to display the load or the constraint you want to review in the mesh. The previous displayed entity is erased in the mesh and the newly selected entity appears.
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