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Retrieving a FEM Mesh
After you have saved a FEM mesh, you may want to retrieve it. While retrieving a mesh, Creo Simulate first checks for an .fmp(a) file saved for a current model in session. If the file exists, Creo Simulate imports a mesh from it.
There are two ways to retrieve a mesh:
If you set the fem_mesh_auto_retrieve configuration option in your configuration option file, Creo Simulate automatically retrieves the saved mesh when you open the model in FEM mode.
Click Home > Mesh > Open FEM Mesh to retrieve a mesh saved with the default model.fmp(a) name. If you have set the fem_allow_named_mesh_files configuration option in your configuration option file and assigned a different name to your mesh file then when you click Home > Mesh > Open FEM MeshCreo Simulate opens a dialog box so that you can select a named mesh file to load.
You can retrieve the mesh only if you have not made changes to the geometry. The Open FEM Mesh command is not available if you are currently displaying a compressed model or results.
Be aware that meshes created in one product are not usable in other products. For example, if you create a mesh in Structure, you cannot retrieve it in Thermal.