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If You Use Retained Meshes
If you configure your session for retained meshing, be aware that:
Creo Simulate assumes that, if you created a mesh for the model during past sessions, you want to reuse it in the current session. Therefore, the software automatically imports the mesh from the associated .fmp(a) file when it brings your model into FEM mode.
Creo Simulate retains the model mesh throughout your session provided that you do not add modeling entities that invalidate the mesh. Thus, you are free to perform most activities in the order you please. This flexibility is handy in situations where you know you may need to update your modeling entities at various intervals.
After you create the mesh, Creo Simulate displays the mesh model with the geometry model even if you leave the Mesh menu to perform such activities as defining modeling entities, properties, and idealizations, defining analyses, and so forth. To control how Creo Simulate displays the mesh model click Simulation Display on the Graphics toolbar.
For assembly models, you can create both flat meshes and hierarchical meshes.
Creo Simulate saves your mesh automatically to an .fmp(a) file.
If you decide to configure your session for retained meshes, be sure to observe the guidelines for working with retained meshes.