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Mesh Control Icons (FEM mode)
When you create a mesh control constraint, the software places the appropriate icons on your model and displays a short description. You can control the visibility of these icons on the Settings tab on the Simulation Display dialog box.
The following table summarizes these icons and descriptions:
Text Description
Maximum Element Size
A circle
where n.n is the size of the element
Minimum Element Size
A circle
where n.n is the size of the element
Edge Distribution
Filled-in circles to represent node locations
nnn N; rrr R
where nnn is the number of nodes and rrr is the L1/L2 ratio
Hard Point
Hard Pt
Hard Curve
x x x
Hard Curve
Mesh Numbering
No icon
Mesh IDs: n1n2 n3
where n1 is the first ID, n2 is the increment, and n3 is the last ID
Displacement Coordinate System
No icon
DisplCS coordinate system name
Ignored Mesh Control
No icon
Mesh ID Offset
No icon
ID Off: n
where n is the mesh ID offset
Shell Element Direction
A two-axis coordinate system to represent X and Y directions
where nnn is the coordinate system you selected when you created the mesh control
If you do not see the text description for the mesh control, click Simulation Display on the Graphics toolbar to open the Simulation Display dialog box. Make sure that Display Names is selected on the Settings tab.
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