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Example: Hierarchical Mesh Generation
Here is an example of a top-level assembly containing three pre-meshed subassemblies and a pre-meshed part.
In this example, different colors represent different individual component meshes. Here, part f is a pre-meshed part, subassembly a has a complete mesh, and subassembly d has a partial mesh. Subassembly b has a complete mesh that contains an inherited mesh—the second instance of part f. Subassembly b and subassembly c both include parts d and e. These parts have no part-level mesh, but subassembly b's mesh incorporates both parts.
When it meshes the top-level assembly, the mesh generator preserves the existing meshes for part f, subassembly a, and subassembly b. However, as subassembly d has a partial mesh, the mesh generator asks whether you want to remove subassembly d's mesh. If you do, the mesh generator creates the top-level mesh. Here is the result:
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