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Displacement Coordinate System (FEM mode)
Click Home and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Displacement Coordinate System to open the Displacement Coordinate System Control dialog box. Use this control to specify the coordinate system that the software uses when displaying results for nodes associated with points, edges, curves, or surfaces. When Creo Simulate displays analysis results, the results for the nodes that have this type of mesh control are relative to the coordinate system you specify.
Specify the following items on the dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the control or use the default name.
References—Specify the reference type and select the appropriate geometry. If you already selected the valid geometric references before opening the Mesh Control dialog box, your selections appear in the References collector when the dialog box opens. Otherwise, select one of the following references:
Coordinate System—Select a coordinate system. If you want to apply loads and constraints to these nodes, make sure that you associate the loads and constraints with the same coordinate system.
The geometric reference that you select for a displacement coordinate system may also be part of the definition for other Creo Simulate entities, such as constraints, rigid links, and weighted links. If you defined the constraint, rigid link, or weighted link with a coordinate system that is not identical to the displacement coordinate system, a conflict may arise.
In most cases where there are conflicting coordinate systems, the software uses the most recent coordinate system. However, if you output to the NASTRAN solver, the software tries to resolve the conflict using geometric and modeling precedence rules. If the software cannot resolve the conflicts, a message box appears when you run the analysis with an error message about the coordinate system conflict, and the output process stops.
The mesh generator only respects the Displacement Coordinate System mesh control if you apply it to unmeshed components. If a component has a mesh, the mesh generator silently ignores the mesh control.
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