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Editing Curves in Creo Simulate
In Creo Simulate you can edit a curve using the options on the Editing group on the Refine Model tab.
Use the following options on the Editing group to edit curves.
Project–Allows you to project multiple chains or a single sketch. You can create the projected curves using the following methods:
By selecting chains
By sketching
By cosmetic sketching
Intersect–Use this option to construct an intersection curve using two sketches.
Trim–Use this option to trim any curve, plane, or quilt. You can keep a specific portion of the original or both portions of the trimmed object.
Wrap–Use this option to wrap a sketch around solid geometry or a quilt.
Offset–Use this option to offset a single curve normal to a selected quilt or along a surface. It is not available for quilts.
Copy and Paste–You can also copy and paste curves in a model.
For more information on these features refer to the Online Help for Part Modeling in the Creo Parametric Help Center.