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About Editing and Replacing the References of Features
You can edit or replace references from the Model Tree, graphics window, or by using the Operations group on the Model and the Refine Model tabs.
A reference is a feature or geometry that is used (referenced) by other features. The features that use the reference are child features of that reference. References are owned by owner features.
1. simulation reference
2. simulation child feature
The following commands appear on the Operations tab:
Edit Definition—Edits a feature.
Delete—Deletes a feature.
Edit References—Edits or replaces the references of a feature. You can edit or replace references of more than one feature at a time.
Replace References—Replaces the parent reference in a feature. Depending on your requirement, you can replace a selected reference in one or more features.
To edit the references of a feature, select a feature that is the child of references and right-click and choose Edit References. Alternatively, click Refine Model > Operations > Edit References. The Edit References dialog box opens.
To replace a parent reference in a feature(s), select a feature that is the owner of references and click Refine Model > Operations > Replace References. The Replace References dialog box opens.
This is also called to reroute a simulation feature from one set of references to another.
A check is done and a warning message is displayed if the new reference and the old reference are not compatible, when you edit or replace a reference.
You can edit or replace multiple references in one operation.
You can only reroute external references in the environment (the level in an assembly) in which they were created.
* Non-Simulate features are filtered out from the reroute and replace user interfaces while showing the child and their dependents features, since these features are not modifiable in Simulate.