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To modify a Model Note
Right-click a note on the Model Tree or in the Graphics window and select one of the following options:
Add Link—Allows you to add, edit or remove a hyperlink and a screen tip for the note.
Move to Plane—Highlights the current selected note and allows you to use the mouse to move the entire note and its references. Click the left mouse button to accept the change or the middle mouse button to cancel it.
Current Orientation—Opens the ANNOTATION PLANE dialog box and allows you to change the orientation of a note.
Delete—Deletes a note.
Text Style—Displays the Text Style dialog box to change the following, if applicable:
1. Under Character, you can change width factor and slant angle of selected text characters, and you can also set Underline on or off. The text height and thickness of a model note cannot be changed in Part or Assembly mode.
Under Note/Dimension, you can adjust line spacing, angle, set horizontal and vertical justification, change your note to a mirror image of itself by selecting the Mirror check box, and use the Color dialog box to change system and user-defined colors.
2. Click Reset to revert to the default settings, Apply to make the changes to the current settings to the selected note, and OK to make the changes and return to the Note dialog box.
Change Note Type—Allows you to change the note type. Select one of the following methods to change the type of a note:
Unattached Note
On Item Note
Tangent Leader Note
Normal Leader Note
Leader Note
Rename—Renames a note.
Info—Opens the browser or the Reference Information window. Choose Feature or Model to display information in the Creo Simulate browser.
Debug Info—Opens the INFORMATION WINDOW dialog box and allows you to save and edit the contents of the window.