Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Model Type > To Create a Model Note
To Create a Model Note
1. On the Model Tree, right-click the top-level part or assembly, the lower-level component, or the simulation feature and select Create a Note. Then select the part, assembly or feature. The Note dialog box opens. Alternatively, use the Notes group on the Tools tab to create model notes.
2. Type the text for the note in the Text box.
3. Use the options Insert and Symbols to further create your note.
By default, the note belongs to the top-level part, or assembly. The resulting note is an unattached note and is not displayed in the graphics area. To view the notes you created under the part or feature nodes:
a. Click > Tree Filters. The Model Tree Items dialog box opens.
b. Click the Annotation check box.
4. To modify a note, right-click the note and select Note Type from the shortcut menu. Select one of the following methods:
Unattached Note
On Item Note
Tangent Leader Note
Normal Leader Note
Leader Note
5. Click OK.
* In Creo Simulate you can modify a note which is created in Creo Parametric. However, you cannot create a new note on Creo Parametric features.
* Annotation features are not supported in Creo Simulate.