Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Features > Datum Curve > To Create a Datum Curve from Equations
To Create a Datum Curve from Equations
1. Click Refine Model > Datum, and then click the arrow next to Curve.
2. Click Curve from Equation. The Curve from Equation tab opens.
3. In the graphics window or Model Tree, select a datum coordinate system or intent datum coordinate system to represent the zero point of the equation.
4. From the list next to , select a coordinate system type: Cartesian, Cylindrical, or Spherical.
* If the selected coordinate system is created in Creo Simulate then the coordinate systems are greyed out and the selected coordinate system type is considered for the creation of curve.
5. If required, type a value for the lower limit of the independent variable range in the From box and for the upper limit in the To box.
6. Click Equation. The Equation dialog box opens.
7. Type the curve equation as you would type any feature relation. Specify the equation in terms of parameter t and three coordinate system parameters:
x, y, and z for Cartesian
r, theta, and z for cylindrical
rho, theta, and phi for spherical
* You cannot use the following statements in an equation that defines a datum curve: abs, ceil, floor, else, extract, if, endif, itos, and search.
8. Click .
For more information, refer to the Part Modeling Help.