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To Create a Wrapped Datum Curve
1. Select the sketched datum curve to wrap onto geometry.
2. Click Refine Model > Wrap. The Wrap tab opens. A preview shows the sketched curve wrapped on the first geometry that the wrap tool finds in the default wrapping direction.
3. To select different geometry, click the collector next to on the tab, and then select the geometry to wrap in the graphics window. You can also select geometry using the Destination collector on the References panel.
4. To select the wrap origin, click the collector next to on the tab, and then use the down arrow to select the origin from the list.
5. If you wrap a disconnected sketch onto a multi-contour surface, and want to prevent the sketch from wrapping onto intersecting surfaces, select the Ignore intersection surface check box on the Option tab.
6. If you want to trim at the surface boundary the portion of the curve that cannot be wrapped, select the Trim at boundary check box on Option tab.
7. Click .
* If you click Unlink on the References slide-up panel, the association between the Wrap feature and the sketch is broken, and an internal sketch is created. To modify the internal sketch, click Edit to open the sketch for editing.
For more information, refer to the Part Modeling Help.
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