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Diagnostics Messages
Creo Simulate displays messages generated during meshing or analysis in the Diagnostics dialog box for meshing and in the Simulation Diagnostics area of Run Status dialog box in the case of analyses. Following types of messages are displayed:
Error Message—When Creo Simulate faces a serious problem with the model that prevents it from continuing the process, an error message appears. You must correct the problem in order to proceed.
Warning Message—This message appears when there is a problem with the model, but Creo Simulate can continue the process. You should review the warning to make sure the model is accurate.
Info Message—This message indicates some interesting condition in the model. In most of the situations this condition is not a problem. You can ignore the info message without any negative consequences.
In the list area of the Diagnostics dialog box a message appears in the hierarchical format. Each message is a root node and all geometric or modeling entities, or mesh elements referenced in the message are subordinate nodes. If you select any message, Creo Simulate highlights all the references of that message in the model. If you select any reference in the message, Creo Simulate pans and zooms the model to the reference. Creo Simulate displays source of every messages. Any one of the following can be source of the message:
Model Checks—checks performed when Creo Simulate starts an analysis in native mode.
Geometry—checks or failures encountered during the preparation of simulation geometry.
Geometry clean up—Removal of a sliver surface, or a cusp on a surface in FEM mode and removal of surfaces and short curves in Native mode.
AutoGEM—checks performed during meshing of the model in Native mode.
FEM Mesher—checks performed during FEM meshing.
Solver—checks performed when Creo Simulate creates mesh during analysis.
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