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Invalid Curves for 2D Axisymmetric Models
When you model shells for 2D axisymmetric models, Creo Simulate assumes that you intend the curves you select to be treated as though they revolve about the Y axis of your reference coordinate system. For this type of modeling to be valid, the curves must satisfy certain criteria. For example, no curve can cross or lie on the Y axis. To ensure this, Creo Simulate enforces a rule that all model geometry must lie in the positive X direction relative to your reference coordinate system.
The following illustration shows curve selections that are invalid for 2D axisymmetric models:
When you define your model as a 2D axisymmetric model, Creo Simulate checks for curves that break the first two rules. If it finds any problems of this sort, Creo Simulate displays a warning box indicating that it cannot change the model type because the geometry does not lie in the positive X direction relative to the reference coordinate system.
If it encounters a curve that breaks the third rule—coincidence with the Y axis—Creo Simulate allows the model, but any analyses you attempt to run may fail.
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