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Beam Elements
A beam is a one-dimensional element that:
represents a structure whose length is much greater than its other two dimensions. The cross-sectional dimensions of geometry you model with one or more beams should be small compared to the overall length and radii of curvature. As a guideline, the ratio of the length to the other dimensions should be no less than 10 to 1.
has a constant cross-section and thickness in native mode
Beams are only available for 3D models. AutoGEM adds beams to your model if you have defined beam idealizations either on a curve or between a set of points, as follows:
If you define a beam idealization on a curve, AutoGEM adds beams over the length of the curve to reflect the curve's geometry. For example, if the curve is linear, AutoGEM adds one beam. However, if the curve is a spline, AutoGEM adds as many individual beams as needed to follow the profile of the curve.
If you define a beam idealization from a point or vertex to another entity type (point, surface, curve, and so forth), AutoGEM projects a single linear beam from the point or vertex to the entity.
AutoGEM also adds beams if you have defined spot weld connections.